About Us

Meet Ms.Kennedi Blair Jackson, CEO of So Flair Blair. Ms.Kennedi Blair is from the South Side of Atlanta, Georgia. From a very young age, Kennedi's attention to detail and love of high end fashion ignited her inspiration for creating her own fashion 'experience'. Her goal is to make a memorable fashion statement wherever her presence is needed or requested. Ms. Jackson believes that style has a way of communicating in all situations, while words might fall short. 

So Flair Blair believes that taking pride in your personal image enhances self esteem and heightens others perception of you.

So Flair Blair’s mission is to innovate, lead, and stay at the cutting edge of fashion trends. Fashion varies with the seasons; therefore, So Flair Blair will provide unique and desirable pieces and accessories to enhance your everyday wardrobe. As Kennedi would say, "Fly girls have more fun!" Thank you for your support, and if you see Ms. Jackson, know that's So Flair Blair!